Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Todd Loves Big Jim!

My first gay crush was on Big Jim,
a Mattel action figure doll.

In 1972, Mattel Toys' pacifist answer to G.I. Joe arrived in my life - wrapped with a bow no less - on my 5th birthday. And yes:

My Big Jim doll was my first gay crush.

And seriously,
what's not to love? 

Those full lips of his, curled in a teasing half-smile. Those gentle brown eyes, large hands, and not to mention that athletic, injection-molded build! He was 8" of handsome jock that you could carry around in your pocket. I took him everywhere.

At age 5, he was my best friend. But even with a vast wardrobe of every sport uniform possible, I recall enjoying him most when shirtless.

Or in just his tube socks! Unfortunately, his orange Speedos were glued on!

Big Jim ignited my lifelong passion for both men and toys. And he certainly made me want to "collect them all!" And, thanks to that man hunk of plastic, I'll always be a sucker for brown-eyed brunettes.

Thank you for creating these amazing blogs. You've started a revolution which has single-handedly helped move the LGBT community towards self-acceptance and, more importantly, self-celebration!

Todd - New York, NY

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thegayte-keeper said...

I get the crush.

toycoon said...

Oh yea! Big Jim and Big Josh are still hot!