Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fritz Loves Clint Walker!

My first gay crush was actor Clint Walker.

Even at 10-years old back in 1963, I knew and had known who I was attracted to. Whether or not it could be called sexual at that age, is a moot point.

I knew who I wanted to cuddle, wrestle, kiss, spend the night with, and see naked. And it was men.

Clint Walker was the first man in these fantasies.

I watched everything I could he was in - his movies, the TV series "Cheyenne" - and always anxiously waited for the shirt to come off. As I matured and my excitement manifested itself, it was almost impossible to sit in the den and watch him on our one TV.

As this was South Georgia in the '60s, I told no one about this crush.

But it was more than just physical, though. Clint and his characters were everything I wanted to be. Strong and quiet, and in control of his emotions; a good man who had no need to prove anything to anyone. What you saw was what you got. Were they masculine cliches? Yup.

There were plenty of other male crushes back then.
Heck, I think I was excited to see almost any man with his shirt off. But faithful soul that I am, I've always kept a special place in my heart for Clint Walker.

Fritz - Stateboro, GA
Cheyenne (Television Favorites)CLINT WALKER 8X10 PHOTOCLINT WALKER 8x10 COLOR PHOTO

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toycoon said...

Clint was so f**king hot, wasn't he?
Whoa daddy!

Corriea said...

12/23/2013 9:21pm
Clint Walker Big Tall Hairy Man
I recall his movie "The Night of the Grizzly" he had a long-drawn out fight with the villain Leo Gordon. Mighty fine action!

urbuttman said...

Would love to see his ass! : )