Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Craig Loves Les McKeown!

My first gay crush was on Les McKeown,
singer for The Bay City Rollers.

I was a young teen when the Bay City Rollers became the first real "boy band" in 1976.

And their sexy lead singer Les McKeown touched something inside of me that I couldn't comprehend at the time.

Seeing his open shirt with that broad smile was mesmerizing to me.

Looking back, my attraction to him was probably the first sign I was somehow "different" from other boys.

Craig - Indianapolis
"Bay City Rollers: The Definitive Collection
Inspired by the "Born This Way Blog" - BornThisWayBlog.com


the island guy said...

i think he's cute too LOL :)

toycoon said...

We had a lot of fey male teen idols in the 1970's, didn't we? "The Bay City Rollers" epitomized the bubblegum glam rock style of the period. I only want to be with you, too, Les!

David said...

Since this was posted, Les McKeown has come out of the closet. He is totally gay.