Monday, July 25, 2011

Bob Loves Tommy Rettig!

My first gay crush was Tommy Rettig on "Lassie."

But I hope "gay crush" doesn't mean wanting to
have sex with them?

Because I actually just wanted to BE him.

Same thing with Brandon
De Wilde as Jamie McHummer on "Jamie."

But, dude - we're talking
57 years ago, in 1954!

It's hard to remember for sure who came first, but I'm guessing Brandon because I think his show was on first.

These were the guys I wanted to be when I became a 
12-year-old (I was 8 at the time)...

Bob - Atlantic City, NJ
Lassie: Best of Jeff's CollieHud [Blu-ray]Rough News, Daring Views: 1950S' Pioneer Gay Press Journalism (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies)Creating the Modern Man: American Magazines and Consumer Culture, 1900-1950

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What up? said...

My God, I was in love with Tommy, too. I was about 12 when I fell for him. But no sex thoughts or anything: I was pretty clueless. But he made me feel really warm inside when I saw him on TV.