Thursday, September 15, 2011

Luke Loves Wil Wheaton!

My first gay crush was on Wil Wheaton as
Wesley Crusher from "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

I was 9 or 10 when I first saw him back in the early 90's. I didn't quite know what I was feeling, but I sure loved Wesley Crusher.

He was a pre-teen sexual icon for a whole generation of nerds, and was everything
I identified with. He was smart, and that made him an outcast (like me).

It's also what made him special, and I relished the idea of getting the praise he got for it. That was important for a non-athletic kid (like me).

I didn't understand it at the time - and definitely wasn't allowed to talk about it - but I was crazy hot for him. I spent painstaking hours trying to comb my hair just like his! I lived out my crush vicariously through my sister, secretly jealous of her ability to fawn and gush over Wesley Crusher like I wanted to.

And he got to kiss Ashley Judd, so he was kind of a player! I remain a fan of Wil to this day.

Luke - San Francisco, CA

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Mamaroy said...

Have you seen him in The Guild?

Anonymous said...

I am working with him tomorrw and am going to tell him about your post :)