Thursday, September 1, 2011

George Loves David Cassidy!

I had my first gay crush in the early 70's when I was about 15-years old: It was David Cassidy.

I remember I had a large photo of him in an old fashioned swim suit.

He was in a backyard setting, running through a sprinkler. 

And his "male anatomy" was outlined in the wet suit, and was very visible.

I was in a private prep school on several athletic teams, and I used to peek at other guys in the shower room.

David was special to me, because it was the first time I was able to stare at a guy's "equipment" for a long time, without fear of being caught.

I was in the closet and had a strict mother that would have freaked out if she knew the true purpose of my fantasy photo. So my crush has been a complete secret until now. 

As has been the fact that I'm gay.

I'm over 50 now and still closeted. I guess the journey "out" is a personal one, and I'm now beginning to tell a few close friends. 

We'll see what happens.

In any case, even if I wasn't aware it was "gay", and I denied it to myself then, David Cassidy was my first.

George - New Hampshire

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Biki said...

Whoa! Where ever did you find that picture of a nearly showing us the goods David? If only the camera was aimed a bit lower!

The journey out of the closet is a personal journey, and as such we are allowed to leave our closets at our own pace. Take your time, there really isnt any hurry, we'll all still be here waiting for you!

jamileena said...

Whoo hoo!! Ive been a David Cassidy lover for years and Ive never seen this picture - Good catch! (Im a straight 40ish female) I hope you find your way to come out and I hope your friends understand and support you. I have two friends I have half a thought they are gay. I hope they think I am accepting and will tell me if they are - I have many other gay friends, but they dont really know that about me. Whatever, everyone's business is their own business. Who cares who you like, ya know?? Just be nice. P.S. I deleted my earlier post because of a couple details I noticed after posting, didn't want to out anyone!

Jim Faust said...

Wow... I thought I was the only male who had a crush on David Cassidy. I was born in 1960 so I was like 10-14 through The Partridge Family years.. My mother would buy me every issue of Tiger Beat Magazine... where I would "secretly" fill out EVERY single "Wind A Date With David Cassidy" contest... I can just see the people in charge of opening up those letters.. Hmmmm an 11 year old boy in Huntington Beach, CA (NOPE!!) in the trash can (lol).. I wanted to marry him and my whole bedroom was wallpapered with his posters. Till this day he still makes me swoon and I will never stop listening to his music (The Partridge Family & David Cassidy solo). I always thought it would be nice to start a gay fan club. He's had regular fan clubs for decades.. but I thought it might be cool to have a gay fan club. I remember finding out that my mother kept the fact that he had posed nude for "Rolling Stone Magazine" a secret for YEARS!!! She thought I would be upset that my "idol" would do such a thing. Little did she know I would not have upset me in the least! lol

I am 53 (in 2 weeks) and am VERY SINGLE... I just finished watching a gay themed movie "I Think I Do" for the umpteenth time.. I love that movie and it has a Partridge Family Soundtrack.. filmed in 1997. I always get ridiculously romantic and think that I'd love to fall in love with someone that shared that passion for him like I did. Probably not a great basis for a relationship, but if there were other things we had in common it would be nice to not have to feel embarrassed to love him like that.. and to be able to listen to his music still today and have your boyfriend sing along instead of making fun of you..

I'm curious if there are any other men out there that even feel remotely like that.. and then of course happen to be living in the Los Angeles area of Southern California?

Well I hope to see some more comments -


Skip Hamilton said...

I think we all had a crush on David in a way. He looked like he could be one of us, and I think that is why so many like myself had a crush on him as a tv personality.

Dulles Dhirt said...

The camera WAS aimed lower, but cropped to meet the repressive sexual climate that still exists in the U.S. I don't think that our Country will ever go through a National Puberty and finally act like an adult member of the community of Nations. We are hopeless, childlike, sex-phobic, and that is why their is so much rape and harassment of women. Our current prez is such a great role model, you know. Love you, Davey!!!


I always loved Cassidy, and I was born in 1967. I always had secret and wet dreams about him.when i Found a few years Ago this Annie liebowitz Pic i went nearly insane. I am devastaded by his death. I hate life so much.