Monday, August 1, 2011

Tony Loves Albert Finney!

My first gay crush was actor Albert Finney.

The movie "Tom Jones" came out in 1963, and I was 13.

This crush was so special to me, as it really revealed to me who I truly was.

The guys I had gone to the movie with were all giddy about the buxom Susannah York and her exposed cleavage. But I was silent, as I only had eyes for Albert as Tom.

Finney was suave, debonaire, flirtatious, and just gorgeous. And with a sparkle in his eye and a smile that would have melted butter.

But I knew I couldn't say what I was really thinking: "He is sooo cute!"

I went home that night a changed person, and started to reassess my relationships with my pals: Which ones I liked swimming or wrestling with. Who made me nervous when we had sleepovers. Who earned the badge of being my "best" friend. And yeah, which ones were cute.

I never told anyone about my crush until I came out years later. But every time I see pictures of him circa 1960, I smile warmly. There's nothing like a first love to keep you feeling young.

Tony - Miami, FL

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