Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buck Loves Larry Wilcox!

My first big gay crush was Larry Wilcox - love that name - who played officer Jon Baker on "CHiPS."

I'd had innocent crushes before, but in 1977 I felt the first fleeting stirrings of puberty. And Larry caught my attention in a big way! 

All the girls were going crazy for Erik Estrada, but I kept my eyes on his blonde beauty and cowboy demeanor.

He was my definition of the perfect man - handsome, strong, quiet. Yet gentle and kind.

Each week I'd watch "CHiPS" in the hopes that Jon would get as much shirtless time as Ponch. Alas, I was always disappointed. For some reason they never let him take off his shirt! I remember a fleeting glimpse of his bare chest in one beach episode, and another in a boxing episode. But they were way too brief for me!

I wanted teen mag style skin all over the place!

Maybe there was something in Estrada's contract that limited Larry's shirtless time so as not to detract from him - sort of like Ethel Mertz always having to be 20 pounds heavier than Lucy Ricardo.

Regardless, I crushed on Larry Wilcox for years, and I still get a little flutter when I see that crooked grin and blonde hair in photos from back then. And yeah, I do have a thing for blondes.

Buck - Tucson, AZ
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