Saturday, August 13, 2011

Robert Loves Bluto!

My first gay crush was Bluto!

I was obsessed with cartoons as a kid in the early 70's in Bellvue, WA.

I would get up really early, ready to watch everything from "Josie & The Pussycats" to "Betty Boop."

Which leads me to my crush, which I know might sound crazy. But hey, straight boys love Betty Rubble. They even go so far as to call pretty girls, 'Betties.'

Until around age 4, the only man I'd really seen was my dad. Then up pops Bluto, the first cartoon "Daddy" I'd ever seen - and I was smitten. At that age I didn't know what those feelings were, but I knew I liked 'em!

Bluto was tall, dark, all muscles, and all man! His giant arms and pecs tickled me where I had never been tickled before. Sure, he was a bit ugly and mean, but my crush on the "bad boy" was born.

As the years rolled on and the more "Popeye" I watched, the hotter I thought he was. In fact, there's an episode from the 50's where Popeye gives him a shave and a haircut. And when he is done, he's a dreamboat.

Later, at my first swimming lessons at the public pool in the dressing room, I saw a whole room of naked guys with hairy chests and muscles just like Bluto. And in my young mind, I knew I was onto something great!

I loved Erik Estrada, Lyle Wagonner and Gil Gerard too. But it was my little crush on the tall, dark and handsome Daddy Bluto that started it for me!

Robert - Hollywood, CA

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JackieBeat said...

I always thought "Betties" referred to Betty Cooper from the Archie comics... You either preferred blonde, sweet, All-american Betty or self-centered, bitchy Veronica.