Monday, November 21, 2011

Jay Loves Ricky Schroder!

My first gay crush was Ricky Schroder!

Watching him on "Silver Spoons", and seeing him in Tiger Beat and other teen magazines, I formed a huge crush on him, along with a million other tweens.

In the 5th grade, my teacher gave us something fun to do, which was writing an essay on your favorite idol from sports, to singers, to everyday people.

I wrote two essays about Ricky:

One was for school, and the other saying how I REALLY felt about him. The teacher had the class read our essays aloud as we cheered each other on. My turn came and my teacher read aloud, "He's so cute. I want to hug and kiss him..." Yup, I'd submitted the wrong essay!

For a short while, I was known as Mrs. Schroeder to friends and they'd laugh and giggle. My teacher, Mrs. Ashley, pulled me aside and said my essay was well written with expression and devotion, and she enjoyed having me in her class.

This crush was completely taboo to speak of at the dinner table, as far as I was concerned. But it was obvious to my family because of the Teen Beat posters taped to my walls, next to my Culture Club posters.

Jay - San Francisco, CA

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Lightning Baltimore said...

I can't believe your teacher read that to the class! That's just cruel.


Serena said...

I think you misunderstood....

Lightning Baltimore said...

Mrs. Ashley sounds very sweet but perhaps a bit clueless. To announce to a class of 5th graders that one of the boys thinks another boy is cute and wants to hug and kiss him, is cruel; she outed him to the entire class. On top of that, this was thirty years ago, when society was considerably less approving of homosexuality, especially in schools.

Phoenix Justice said...

My first gay crush was Ricky Schroder as well. To this day, even after finding out that he was a Republican (egads!), I still feel a flitter in my stomach when I see him.