Sunday, November 27, 2011

Brittany Loves Queen Beryl!

I was about 4 or 5 when I had my first gay crush.

It was in the mid 90's when "Sailor Moon" captivated a whole generation of little boys - and girls!

However, I was much more attracted to the red-haired, busty villainess Queen Beryl. I remember clearly being entranced by her. And the doll I had of her was absolutely my favorite toy back then.

Heck, I'm pretty sure that she ended up cultivating a lot of my tastes. I'd still probably date her today if she was a real woman.

Today, I've got one foot in the pansexual closet and one foot out. But suffice to say that if anyone asked me for the first time I really knew I was gay, I'd point to Queen Beryl as my catalyst.

Brittany - Alberta, Canada

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Nana said...

I understand your crush. My first was on Gambit and I swear: I can date him today if he become real, but not the actor who played him. The "comics" figure and personality.
It´s crazy but it is real