Thursday, August 18, 2016

Frank Loves Mike Henry!

My first gay crush was super hot actor Mike Henry.

He was an ex-football star who ended up playing Tarzan in three 1960’s movies.

In the early 70's, at around age 10, a friend of mine showed me a movie magazine about Tarzan films and there was a photo spread on Mike Henry.

The man was all muscles and chest hair and chiseled features.  

And I felt something tingling inside me. 

I found him very, very attractive.  
I talked my friend into giving me that magazine, which I kept for years. No one knew about my crush because homophobia was at its zenith back then.

But I never forgot about Mike Henry.

“Body by Michelangelo” was his catchphrase.
Which was a pretty good description!

Frank - New Haven, Connecticut

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torresongs said...

OMG! Yes! I was used to Ron Ely as Tarzan and grew up watching him on TV. One day, the local TV channel happened to play a Tarzan movie starring Mike Henry. I never forgot Ron, but he seriously took a back seat to Mike!

tschmitz said...

the hottest tarzan ever, with the best most muscular defined ripped body (god how i love his legs!) and the smallest loincloth EVER worn by any tarzan in history! how i wish he had done the tv show instead of ely and how i wish in the movies he did too, there was more homoerotic situations of him being captured, drugged, knocked out, tied up all in kinky ways!