Who, What, Why?

Welcome everyone!

I started this blog as another place to show the world the beginnings
of our LGBTQ selves, at an early age. Just like our sexual orientations,
our first crushes are just as strong and just as innate.

"My First Gay Crush" comes from a feature on my
other blog, "Born This Way" - where I ask those submitting their
childhood stories and pix, to cite their first, famous-person, same sex crush.

And what I love about that concept, is it's
an interesting, generational study. And shows the many
commonalities in early gay attractions.

Lastly, as the "Born This Way" blog is a bit more serious, 
I wanted another space for all of us that's a bit more fun, silly, 
goofy, and sexy. Yet, still showing a bit of a sociological study.

This blog is here for all who fit under the LGBTQ umbrella.
So go on - send in your story, too!

Just click here - MY FIRST GAY CRUSH - SUBMIT

Thank you for all your support of both my blogs!
Paul V., Los Angeles

----------- PS -----------
I'm always looking for new stories & pictures for 
"Born This Way." Yes, it's more personal and about YOU, but it's also a place where you can give LGBTQ kids some help, support, and encouragement.