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* Your first name and current location (city/state)
* The approximate age and decade you had your crush
* The name of your first gay crush (real name or character name)
* If it was a character, explain it (ie, Mario Lopez as "AC Slater")
* What makes your first gay crush so special to you?
* Any funny, silly, embarrassing moments because of your crush
* Did you keep your crush a secret, or let friends/family know?

You can be as serious or silly or funny and sexy as you want -
but extremely explicit sexual details won't be included.

NOTE: PLEASE keep the whole thing to about 250 words.
Shorter is better, and everyone gets edited on some level.

Also, your crush has to be someone famous or publicly known.
You can mention other crushes - briefly! - but try to
keep what you submit ABOUT that ONE special, first crush.

Other things to include in your email:
* A qood quality pic attachment of your crush
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* A pic of you AND your crush, if you were lucky enough to meet them

* Any YouTube or other video link related to your crush

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xo - Paul V.

PS - Take a look at my "BORN THIS WAY BLOG" too,
which is where the "famous first crush" idea & concept came about.