Friday, April 8, 2016

David Loves Leigh McCloskey!

My first gay crush was actor Leigh McCloskey!

It was the mid-70's, and on "Dallas" he played Mitch, the hot boyfriend of that slutty little midget, Lucy Ewing

What a waste! 

And it's only in hindsight that I realize the absolute lust I had for this man. It's kind of funny, because he is so not my type now. 

But back then? He was a golden-maned god with perfect white teeth and the bluest eyes this side of Lake Tahoe. He was the male equivalent of Farrah Fawcett-Majors. Beautiful! 

I really do believe that I was straight before his appearance on the show.

Such was his power, that every time I saw him in a magazine or in some TV movie - "Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn" was my favorite; he played a male hooker - it was instant boner time. 

Leigh brought out my inner-homo. As I had no concept for how to deal with these shameful feelings, I just jacked off a lot and did everything I could to look exactly like him. 

Even to the point of turning my hair to straw with lemon juice and wearing lots of terry-cloth and short shorts. If I couldn't have him, I'd be him!

That was my thinking at the time.

And the whole fandango came to an abrupt end when BJ McKay ran over poor Goldilocks Lucy with his big red truck. It was at that point I realized brunettes were my thing. And I spanked that monkey like there was no tomorrow.

David - Los Angeles, CA

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