Monday, April 14, 2014

Larry Loves Ron Ely!

My first gay crush was Ron Ely of “Tarzan” fame. 

I have very fond memories of watching weekend afternoon reruns of "Tarzan" when I was around age 12 to 14 years old.

I believe his stint as “Tarzan” ran from ’66 through ’68.

At the time, I didn’t exactly understand why I was so drawn to him, but I sure do now. 

That handsome face, those lips, his hair.
And that very daring and teasing loin cloth! 

I vaguely remember often visualizing rescue scenarios as I was falling asleep at night, imagining him as my hunky older savior. 

This is probably why I’ve always preferred men a bit older than me.

Larry - Atlanta, Georgia

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toycoon said...

My favorite Tarzan, too. I met Ron Ely last year and you know what, at his age, he looks pretty foxy!

Mixxmaster Shawn said...

Our experiences were very similar. By the time I realized why I was watching the show, I felt like I had to watch it in private or else it would be too obvious to anyone in the room. I would channel surf anytime my brother or parents walked in.