Tuesday, October 18, 2016

David Loves Hart Bochner!

My first gay crush was actor Hart Bochner!

What's hotter than a super ripped (and wet!) young Dennis Quaid in cutoff jeans in the 70's movie "Breaking Away"? 

Hart Bochner wearing his tiny speedo and gold chain!

I spent my gay puberty humping a bicycle around the campus of Arizona State University, and Hart was the quintessential example of the thousands of handsome young men I saw everywhere I looked.

He got typecast as the asshole fratboy and was even sexier dressed in a monk's robes for "Terror Train" with Jamie Lee Curtis. Spoiler alert - Tranny Murderer! And it's NOT Jamie Lee!

He finally got to be a good guy in "Rich and Famous," a remake of a fun old Bette Davis movie, but had to sleep with an aging Jacqueline Bissett. He plays a reporter from Rolling Stone magazine - how sexy is that! He eventually dumps her for a young Meg Ryan, if you can imagine her young. That's how old I am 'cuz I saw it in the theater!

His final sexy role was the love interest of New Age witch turned super-villain Faye Dunaway in "Supergirl," a deservedly underrated film. He was her landscaper, and stayed sweaty and unshaven most of the film. Faye casted her love spell on him, making him dumb as a puppy and just as loyal, launching him into ultra sexy strata!  

After that, I lost track of him. I recommend watching all of these movies, including the Bette Davis. Aloha.

'Ukulele Davey' - Maui, Hawaii

Crushmaster's note:
Hart just turned 60 and still looks damn fine! :)

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Michael Cummings said...

The ultimate Hart flick is Apartment Zero: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094667/