Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Steven Loves Scott Bakula!

My first gay crush was actor Scott Bakula!

I was age 13 in 1991, and I fell madly in love with Scott on "Quantum Leap."

He had those kind eyes and that big nose. And even though he was so big and strong, he had that sweet voice.

I wanted him to hold me tight, and kiss me all over my face.

I watched way too much TV back then, and had simultaneous crushes on the dad from "The Wonder Years," Ken Howard from "Coach," and basically the entire cast of "Wings" (particularly Antonio the cab driver).

But Scott was the first guy I seriously thought about kissing and making out with. While I had no idea what to do in bed, I did know that every time he took his shirt off, I didn't want to look away.

No one ever knew about my crush, and I pretended that I had the hots for Paula Abdul every time the video for "Promise Of A New Day" would show on VH1.

I'd always agree with my best friend that Paula looked so hot dancing in that grass. Little did he know I was actually hot for Scott!

Steven - Frederick, MD

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen him on Looking on HBO? He's older but still hot!

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...

yeah is aging well