Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kevin Loves John Wesley Shipp!

My first gay crush was John Wesley Shipp. I was 9!

My mother had returned to working in the late 70's, so I was left with my grandmother every afternoon after school.  

Each day I got off the school bus at 2:45pm - just in time to get a cookie and sit with her.

Together, we both watched "The Guiding Light," her favorite soap "story."

I can remember feeling "tingly" in my bathing suit area, every time John wore his. I just wanted to touch his chest, biceps, and inner thighs!  

I was still way too young to understand why I felt this way, but I knew that John was somehow stirring these feelings.    

I didn't feel this way again about another guy, until Tom Selleck started taking his shirt off on "Magnum PI" for me every week!

Kevin - New York, NY

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