Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kevin Loves John Wesley Shipp!

My first gay crush was John Wesley Shipp. I was 9!

My mother had returned to working in the late 70's, so I was left with my grandmother every afternoon after school.  

Each day I got off the school bus at 2:45pm - just in time to get a cookie and sit with her.

Together, we both watched "The Guiding Light," her favorite soap "story."

I can remember feeling "tingly" in my bathing suit area, every time John wore his. I just wanted to touch his chest, biceps, and inner thighs!  

I was still way too young to understand why I felt this way, but I knew that John was somehow stirring these feelings.    

I didn't feel this way again about another guy, until Tom Selleck started taking his shirt off on "Magnum PI" for me every week!

Kevin - New York, NY

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Anonymous said...

I remember John in his Speedos too! I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times in the 90s when he worked out at the Sports Connection in West Hollywood. He is as sexy in person as on TV.

Patience said...

Yes it is true, John Wesley Shipp is really a nice guy in person. We are FACEBOOK friends and we have met twice. The first was in November 2011 in front of the ABC Studios, where ONE LIFE TO LIVE was taped. He had taped his last appearance as Eddie Ford that day. In April 2014, we met again at NJ Comic Con.

Cart Anggle said...

This is really interesting information about John Wesley. Yeah I also heard that he was very nice guy. I really wished if I could have met him in my life. Have you also know about gay actors? I need some information on that. Please share information or list of name of Gay actors.

Bandana Jack said...

i hope y'all are checking him out in his frequent appearances on the current iteration of FLASH, revisiting the role he originated in the 80s. what started out as a brief nod to nostalgia became a recurring role as barry allen's father, and later as golden era version of the flash, the one with the winged helmet. great to watch, and he is still an engaging actor. since then several other actors from the original series have taken roles in the newer version adding a special richness to the current version of the show.