Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scott Loves Dennis Cole!

My first gay crush was 70's TV actor Dennis Cole.

As a kid I had lots of crushes. I thought Bobby Sherman, Chad Everett, and Lyle Waggoner were awesome. I could go on and on.

But my biggest crush was on Dennis Cole.
I first saw him on the short lived TV show "Bracken's World."

And OMG!
I thought he was THE best looking man alive!

My mom bought me all the teen magazines that had his photos inside. I remember one feature in particular that showed him getting ready for a date, with a shirtless picture of him in the shower!

I would decoupage his photos on painted wood and I'd stay up all night making Dennis Cole bulletin boards.
A few years later I was pretty much over my crush.

But then he did a spread in Playgirl Magazine, and of course I had to have it! This time, there was another shower picture - but this one showed his bare behind! I've since learned that he did a lot of beefcake and nude photography work early in his career.

When he passed away in 2009, all the childhood memories flooded back. Sure, being gay back then wasn't always easy. But there is so much of it that makes me smile. And I certainly wouldn't change anything about my growing up experiences, including my first gay crush.

Scott - Wisconsin

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